Carol Carter

27 May 2012

Hong Kong Express! My favorite Chinese Takeout!

I wanted to raise the bar on my watercoloring--- so I took on a difficult image to paint.


and cars!

and reflection!

I love the Chinese Take Out up the street from my studio.  While I was waiting for my order-- I noticed the bright neon sign in the window.  It was gray outside--- so the colors in the neon were quite vibrant.

I took it upon myself to photograph-- and store the idea away to paint.

Here is my first stab at it!

It needs to be tweaked-- and I will do that in the next few days.

But for now... here is the 'first state'.

Hong Kong Express
22" h x 30" w


RH Carpenter said...

You want to raise the bar on your watercoloring?? Girl, you're already off the charts!!! But I admire that you are always growing :) I like this - lots of interesting shapes and colors.

Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, you certainly have caught the "neon" in neon. It looks fabulous!

Carol Carter said...

Rhonda and Studio..... thank you for posting. I am trying to expand the box.... doing something strange and difficult for me.

Neon light is hard to do!

jyoti kumar said...

I agree with Rhonda...But it is always thrilling to challenge one self increases the pulse and makes you think and think and push oneself further...its fun to me and works.Its already so vibrant,would love to see how you put the finishing touches.

Carol Carter said...

I hope the finishing touches go on tomorrow Jyoti. I spent the day moving today.... and now it's time to get back to work.

Thank you for your encouragement!

How is your painting going?

karen said...

Wow - I think you are on to something super fun and exciting, but agree with Rhonda too! Always love seeing what you're doing.

Carol Carter said...

THANK You ALL! I always love reading your supportive posts!!!