Carol Carter

01 June 2012

End of the Day Iris Watercolor

Iris's are my love.  I used to grow them in my garden.... and photograph them incessantly.  I painted them every spring-- because they usher in the promise of warmer weather.

Now... I go to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to photograph all the iris's.  There are so many lovely varieties!

This partiular iris was a challenge.  The use of complimentary colors helped me resolve the issue of making the background unify with the foreground.  I wanted to create scale and impact by having the bloom being half the size of the paper.  The petals and the buds are off-center -- and create an interesting composition.

I never tire of painting iris!

End of the Day Iris
40" h x 30" w
almost finished some tweaking needed


jyoti kumar said...

Fab, Fab and magnificent...I took so many pictures of irises this summer my folder is simply heaving...I find them a bit of a challenge but then Challenge is see my second Iris Carol.

Josesanchez said...

un trabajo para soñar.
un saludo.

Studio at the Farm said...

Exquisite, Carol!

Heather said...

Carol! This is amazing. I love the colors...and really EVERYTHING about this painting. Well done!

Barb Sailor said...

I love the composition and the colors in the painting absolutely "sing!"

Carol Carter said...

Thank you EVERYONE!!!
Jyoti... lovely lovely lovely.... i love your iris too!

Thank you Jose... I appreciate your post...

Studio... wonderful!!!

Heather.... you made my day with your post!

Barb... i loved your new poppy painting too...