Carol Carter

13 June 2012

Shrimper from the Gulf Coast

I took a chance to do something different yesterday ---    a shrimp boat from the Gulf Coast.

It was a way to figure out how to play with light, distortion, shadow, reflection, atmosphere.

I think I will redo this as a larger painting--- but abstract the nets more so there imagery isn't so noticable.

It was fun... tricky, and full of promise!

Shrimp Boat
15" h x 11" w


Studio at the Farm said...

Fun is good! I think it will make a great large painting. said...

the real word AWESOMENESS was just created here!

Salvatore said...

Qlxchange Ha detto: interessante

Arti said...

Sometime its refreshing to do something which takes us out of the comfort zone! Its beautiful, Carol.