Carol Carter

05 June 2012

Nude Swim

This painting got a second consideration--- after being in a gallery for a number of years.  I frequently rework older paintings when they show up again in my studio.

I see things that need more depth and resolution -- that I might have missed when I worked on it initially.

This beautiful piece got a second glaze of blue--- puddles and all!

Then I reworked the skin underneath the water for greater depth and luminousity.

All in all......  I feel it's in a better place now!

Nude Swim
25" h x 60" w


jyoti kumar said...

love this Carol...looks quite surreal to me! the colours and the way top feet vanishes in water...and to die for blossoms.

Double "D" said...

Beautiful swimmer,
Incredible painting,
Amazing artist.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Jyoti and Doug... lovely to read your comments