Carol Carter

07 May 2012


I did some small alpaca watercolor studies this weekend.  I didn't have much time to paint-- as I am quite distracted by my upcoming move.

However, I had time to do these small watercolors of the alpacas I visited on a farm in March.  They are such sweet and gentle animals!  My friend raises about 30 -- on a farm in Illinois on a gorgeous bluff overlooking the Missouri River.

These animals are treated like pets-- and are raised for their furry, soft coats.  The fur is harvested-- and the wool is then spun into felt-like materials.  The felt can be used to make hats, scarves, coats, sweaters... all WARM!

A sustainable material!  Of course-- the felts are all different colors and textures-- depending on the animal.

I was so pleased and happy to see how lovely and cared for these animals were.

Some day soon-- I will be doing a larger- more detailed study.

Alpacas 1 and 2
8" h x 10" w