Carol Carter

15 March 2010

New ITALY- acrylic

I have been working overtime -- to get the show done. There is a deadline looming of April 30 -- when I leave for the Everglades. I want to have the Italy show completed and ready to go.

I've already sold 3 -- so need to finish another 6 to make it complete.

Here is a night time view of the Arno in Florence. It didn't come out as deep originally thought -- but I like it nonetheless.

There is an evening glow and sparkle to the lights. I remember the evening well ... when I went out with Stan Strembicki to view Florence after sunset.

10" h x 30" w

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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

This Florence piece captures such a mood - it must have been magical to see the glow after the sunset. How come you sell pieces before they are hung in the Exhibition.?? Wonderful and well deserved but puts more pressure on you to create more works. Will you ever run out of ideas??

Carol Carter said...

thank you for liking the painting joan--
i had to sell some pieces before the show..due to finances. every sale counts. these clients were very supportive -- and took an interest in the italy work in DEC. they waited for 3 months! i was hoping to have had my show done and exhibited by now .. but fell behind schedule due to my move. i felt that i needed to let them have the paintings to enjoy. they were very patient. it does put more pressure on me to make 3 more -- but... i'm up for it! naaah, i don't think i'll ever run out of ideas... neither will you!

Nancy Goldman said...

This is beautiful Carol. I love your painting style and the colors you use. Congratulations on selling the three paintings. I'm sure you are excited even though it means painting 3 more within a limited amount of time.