Carol Carter

19 December 2009

Getting Closer

I had a bit of time to work on the piece after all. I fleshed out some of the foreground - making it deeper and a little textural. I also tried to bring out some detail in the newspaper stand. The cast shadow and light in the background were also accentuated.

I also made the glow a bit more pronounced. I want it to be very bright.

I'm still not quite sure of this piece-- but I'll leave it alone now. I've already started the next piece-- so the pull to work on this has lessened.

For me... the fun is in the beginning to middle part of the painting -- the last 1/3 of it is always the hardest!

Italy 38
12" h x 12" w
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Mike said...

Carol . .This piece is STUNNING.

Even as a thumbnail, I got the idea and could almost feel the night air where the newstand exists. This is a fine example of light in a a nocturn. Am very, very envious of this piece. Be Proud! Seems finished to me.

Carol Carter said...

thank you mike! your comment is very reassuring that i'm on the right track. i think the piece is almost finished too. today i added a slight bit of red.. and pulled an area together.. and now consider it done. i will photograph tomorrow and post. thank you SO much for your encouragement! cc

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