Carol Carter

01 October 2008

Mid State Sunflower Floral

The layering continues-- and painting in the intricate greens and greys give form and share to the cascade of leaves underneath the blooms. The flowers themselves are painted in deep purple -- to resemble end-of-summer timeliness. The weight and sense of summer's turning -- was what I'm trying to capture.
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Anonymous said...

Is this in watercolor? Love it! I gotta ask you some questions. How do you ship/move the large-scaled paintings to the clients?

Carol Carter said...

this is an acrylic. i ship primarily with FEDEX -- overnight... and sometimes with CRATERS and FREIGHTERS.

are you shipping work? be sure to get prices for comparison.


Anonymous said...

No, I don't ship my works. I have a very long way to go artistic-wise. So FEDEX take care of packaging? I asked these questions out of curiosity.