Carol Carter

16 October 2008

Sea Grape - Revisited Acrylic

i added a small shift in background make a more interesting passage -- in lower right hand corner. this makes it just a bit more quirky and unsettling.

i still like the piece...especially when it's situated in its heavy gold frame!

Sea Grape
16" H x 20"W
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Carol Dawson said...

I love this painting, Carol--and GREAT MOVE to add the orange in the corner. It pops the whole image into buzzing life! Also, your acrylic swimmers are terrific.

Carol Carter said...

hi carol... thanks for visiting... are you blogging? if so.. i will add your link. i love hearing from you.. and checked out your awesome watercolors at wally workman.... i especially like the rugs... so masterful!
still working hard in studio. you?
let's talk soon. ~carol

David Burge said...

Hey Carol, The palette and texture hang together so well. The perspective of looking up toward the surface is both forboding and comforting in a sublilminal way.
I really like this painting Carol.