Carol Carter

10 October 2008

Sea Grape Continues- Acrylic Botanical

This sea grape painting was sacrificed to learn new techniques and materials. i am seeking to deepen the richness of my acrylics.. and broadening my technique. i took a smaller/older acrylic -- and painted another layer. the sea grape became my test-kitchen. i like painting... when you don't have to worry about 'results'.... you are only concerned with learning. there is some 'rolling' of paint involved here -- and some spritz w/ toothbrush. also, a variety of new glazes and pigments from Liquitex.

as a result... i like the painting now.. it has more character and individuality than before. it seems to mimic the crusty ol' sea grapes that hang about the edge of the beach.

i am going to resolve on more passage in the sky.. and then frame and enjoy for a while.

Sea Grape
16" H x 20" W
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carol said...

lovely colours and interesting textures. your work always looks so dramatic!

Carol Carter said...

thank carol... always wonderful to hear compliments from you. the drama is part of the


Sandy Maudlin said...

I REALLY REALLY like this one. it pulls me in and intrigues me a bunch. Isn't experimenting wonderful? Love it.