Carol Carter

29 October 2008

Looking Inside/Looking Outside- acrylic painting

this is the start of a new direction -- laid out by the self portrait of a few days ago. the figures define a strong diagonal composition. i began with a cadmium yellow and orange underpainting.

this has been quite freeing for me -- allowing the paint to develop under it's own power -- without a lot of layering that i've been used to doing.

there's a spontaneity to the final result.... a flatness or matte appearance to the paint -- sort of like a gouache.

tomorrow... i will see how much i approve of my efforts.... that's always the best critic.

Looking Inside/Looking Outside
34" H x 44" W
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Anonymous said...

Carol , Love it !! Love your new Direction . Always love all your directions anyhow .
June Pryor

Carol Carter said...

thank you june... always a pleasure to hear from you...! how's things???

Anonymous said...

Dear Carol,
I am so enjoying your blog. I think you have trancended the sometimes limiting opacity of acrylic. This painting feels so transparent and I really think you have broken through the limitations of acrylic. I am a watercolor purist, but now that I see what the paint can be pushed to do? Thanks for the great blog and your genorousity with the sharing of your vast knowledege and of course your wonderful adventuresome and pioneering spirit with the paint and art. I am learning so much form you.

Carol Carter said...

hi kim... i read with delight... your comment... and it made me smile! i am so grateful that you are enjoying the blog.. and gaining some inspiration from what i try to share. i am not so bold as you think! ... but .. i do try to give some insight into the working-process within my studio. thanks again for writing. hoping you have a great day in the studio.. and get out to vote!