Carol Carter

07 October 2008

Sweet Calla- Floral

This tiny little watercolor was done a few years back... 2004 to be exact. It hangs proudly in a home on the West Coast.

I was surprised to see it... and really enjoyed the 'glow' around the flower-- and the way it was framed.

Calla Lily
watercolor on Arches 300 lb cp
14" H x 4" W
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Anonymous said...

Dear Carol,
i am Cristina, from Verona, Italy. I have been visiting your blogs for months, and i am a great admirer of your wonderful art. I am a beginning watercolorist, and your painting are so inspirational for me! I wish I could be there to attend a workshop of yours!

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful, Carol. Love the glow.

Carol Carter said...

thank you cristina and rhonda.. for your comments. i am pleased that you both visit the blog. it makes me want to continue to post... even on the days when i feel unmotivated.

i wish you could attend a workshop. perhaps.. one day.. i will be in italy -- and be able to give one there!

best of painting today.. to both you two!