Carol Carter

25 October 2008

Desales Neighborhood Group

This painting is going to auction this evening. Donated by a patron -- who purchased it a number of years ago... from Elliot Smith Gallery. It's from the
B & W Series of nudes and figures painted during the 1990's. I was asked to verify its authenticity and value.

i hope it generates income for the neighborhood organization!

Hearts and Palms
28" H x 35" W
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David Burge said...

Cool Carol! Great to see this CC classic in it's frame. This is one of the first paintings of yours that caught my attention. Would have been around 97, still has all the power it ever had.
For me this B&W series is one the most memorable I've encountered.

Carol Carter said...

wow david... you are so kind~ !

i love the B&W series too... it's been a good leap artistically .. and still renders me some attention.

thank you too.. for being such a support to me in my blogs. i really appreciate hearing from you... and i love your new work too.

keep in touch!