Carol Carter

25 October 2008

Pond Watercolor

This watercolor is a rework of a piece i hammered on last summer. i was never really satisfied -- and after many months of consideration -- decided to return to it.

it is fuller now with better scale and focus.

i was always taken with the background water.... and not the reeds -- so this time around... i spent much more time on the reeds... deepening them.. and bending them with value and shadow.

Early Light
25" H x 60" W
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Unknown said...

Wow, Carol. How have I missed your blog for the last year? Your work is dynamic! I especially like the self portrait, what a great idea to start with such a warm background. I'll be back.

Carol Carter said...

hi deborah!!! thanks for visiting. do you have a blog?

am working on another acrylic painting.. and one more watercolor of napa valley vineyard.

i'll be posting them this week.

welcome to a blog's-eye view of studio ~