Carol Carter

14 October 2008

Letting Colors Run- Acrylic Painting

Here it is! the latest painting i've been working on.... a moderate size acrylic of two swimmers in acrylic technique that i normally reserved for landscape.

it's always been a challenge for me... to work the figure in acrylic-- watercolor tends to lend itself naturally to figurative work.

there's something difficult about making an opaque pigment look fleshy and volumetric!

but... i do like this piece-- even though last weekend i had 'ruined it' and gave up.

i came back into the studio with new resolve-- humility... and let the 'painting teach me'.... i subsequently brought it back to completion.

well.. near completion....

i reserve the right to go back into it... after a time.. and make necessary, dispassionate changes.

Letting Colors Run
40" H x 50" W

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Sandy Maudlin said...

YUMMY. Self portrait of the second girl? Really really like the colors and thin edges.

You'll LOVE ITaly so much. lEt me know if you have any questions about places to see. I only kind of know the northern lakes region and 4 days in Venice:-D

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful, Carol! I like the acrylic technique in these figures. I'd call it "Still Holding On." It looks like the woman in back is holding on to the woman in front, who is ignoring her and perhaps ready to move away. But then that's just MY interpretation! ha ha
Have a great time in Italy!!!

Carol Carter said...

thanks for the title rhonda.. i think i will change it! i am STILL working on painting... i'll post the final version shortly.

i have a place to stay in italy next summer... yippee