Carol Carter

23 October 2008

leftover sunflowers-- acrylic

i think it's finally... done!

you know.. sometimes.. when you work on a painting.... you work and work-- only to get fatigued.. and have to put the painting aside.

that's what i did with this piece. i couldn't figure out how to draw it to conclusion... everything was "right".. but it just wasn't complete.

i put it away.... and began the acrylic swimmer.

yesterday.. at the end of day.. i brought it out and reviewed. i saw exactly what i needed to do! and.. on top of that.. i had the courage and emotional distance from the 'making' of the piece.. to do the change!

the changes aren't that obivious but slight additions of stems and texture... here and there.. mainly to the top of the silhouette of flowers.

NOW.. i really like it.. and i'm happy that it's done!

Leftover Sunflowers
48" H x 24" W
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Carol Carter said...
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RH Carpenter said...

In viewing this one, I started at the bottom and moved through the texture and shapes and then some breathing room in the blue sky and then BAM! that bold, outrageous last-of-the-year-but-going-out-kicking-and-screaming sunflower! Wonderful!