Carol Carter

29 November 2010

Watercolor! Everglades

I have now begun to switch gears transiting to watercolor again.

I only have one more painting for Italy-- plus a few tweaks.

So.. I decided today to begin painting for the EVERGLADES PROJECT. I am calling it--

ENP [Everglades National Park]

The first painting is a large waterscape of one of the Sloughs. I was very brave at the end of my visit go to a slough by myself. I waited till the evening to photograph. Stepping into the water... and seeing all the reflections and ripples was outstanding.

The painting is very large... and the water is very lush.

I hope to have it completed by tomorrow. Come back to see the progress.

ENP: 1
40" h x 35"w
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Unknown said...

Beautiful painting! I like your concept, design, and execution. Wonderful!

ErikaBrandner said...

Beautiful, amazing....congratulations.

Carol Carter said...

Kathy, I have had a great time painting this painting...and I am almost finished. Hopefully, I will get to post it tomorrow!

Erika, Thank you so much for your post... lovely to hear from you~

Monica Quintavalle said...

Sei veramente molto brava !
Beautiful painting....congratulations.
Ciao !

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