Carol Carter

04 November 2010

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

I am shipping a show to the VIRGIN ISLANDS-- St. THOMAS to be exact.

I have an exhibition there in the winter. It will e at the right time of year! Of course, I am hoping on going to the opening.

So.. today was spent in wrapping/packing and getting the work ready to go.

Problem is... there is a hurricane bearing down on the region... and I don't think airmail will be going out till it passes.

Here's a look!

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Susan Roux said...

Oh how fun! I bet you want to attend the opening! Who wouldn't? If there's a delay due to a hurricane, better for your art. You wouldn't want any of these lovelies to get damaged. Wishing for the best...

RH Carpenter said...

Hope it's a great show and you do get to go!! These lovely smaller pieces are more intimate, more powerful sometimes, than larger ones.

Double "D" said...

Carol, I've been visiting your blog for some time now.
After enjoying every minute of it, I now want to say that you are by far one of the most creative and talented watercolorist I've experienced.

For me, you inspire and excite all of the senses used in watercolor. Great, great work.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Susan.... I have not sent my paintings yet. The hurricane is interrupting air service. I would like to try to be at the opening... and hope it works out.

I like working small too Rhonda. It is easier all the way around.

Doug, THANK YOU ~ so much for your lovely comment. It warms my heart that you enjoy my work and vision. I looked at your blog and website and am so impressed~ a compliment such as this.. coming for you.. is much valued and appreciated. I hope you visit often and stay in touch. Best, Carol