Carol Carter

12 November 2010

Italy-- First of the Last 3

Today was the day I put the sky in the last large painting for the Italian Series.

I felt it went okay -- but now ...I have to pull together the village and the foreground. I am heavily influenced by the other paintings gone before. Not a good thing... because I don't want it to feel derivative.

So... I hope by the time it's finished-- it will be a nice companion piece for the hilltop painting to the left.

Ah... I miss Italy.

Italy 173
30"h x 30" w
second state
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Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

So beautiful Carol!!! So glad that you still love Italy! It shows in your painting that it is a special place for you. You inspired me to pull out my Italy pics and paint a few.

RH Carpenter said...

Coming to the finish line!! This has been an amazing journey, Carol, and thanks for letting us tag along. Can't wait for the spring show at Cedarhurst!

SKIZO said...

Tank you for sharing