Carol Carter

15 November 2010

Big Bold and Bright -- Italy acrylic

So... today.. the winding down of the show. I spent most of the morning doing some marketing for the Cedarhurst exhibition. The afternoon was spent painting the newsstand at night. I enjoy the painterliness of the surface. I hope to keep it fresh and loose.

It needs a few more days of work-- and some consideration of detail-- but all in all-- I like where it's going.

I then turned my attention to reworking a larger painting that needed depth. I am reworking the middle ground... and making interest in the buildings.
Not as easy task-- as I don't want to resort to doing the same devices that worked before.
This time around-- I am relying on certain pigments to carry the weight of the painting-- instead of varnish, medium, or aerated paint.

Both paintings aren't done-- but it sure is nice to see them develop.

Italy 174
24" h x 24" w

Italy 173
30" h x 30" w

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Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Are you going to wear that to the opening of your show:) Show all of your blood, sweat and paint stains. Really liking the newstand piece, can't wait to see it progress. The other pieces are spectacular, I'm sure they're even more fabulous in person.

RH Carpenter said...

These are amazing - big, bold and beautiful! I like your painting outfit, too :)

Carol Carter said...

HA! I am not wearin' my studio clothes to the opening...:))

The newsstand is developing-- I am not sure what to do for it next... but it will reveal itself.

The larger paintings do have a quiet presence... they are the largest paintings in the show.

Rhonda. I still hope you come to the show in the spring! I would be honored...

Vera Dennen said...

Carol, what are you watercolors painted on here? Or have they been painted first, and then mounted onto a difference surface? Hope you do not mind my asking.

Vera Dennen said...

Oh, never mind! Think I just read that these are acrylic! LOL!