Carol Carter

08 November 2010

Italy REDO

I looked at my total show from Italy yesterday... to see what I had done.

I liked all the paintings...except one. Pretty good... because I've done 70 paintings.

Yes, 70.

Anyway, this painting here... I reworked today.

It has changed a lot from the original version. There is still work to be done ... but I am encouraged that I have moved it in a different direction.


There are only 3 more paintings to be finished. The, I'm done.

Can't wait.

Italy 171
30" h x 40" w
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Gabe said...

che incantevole tramonto...mi fai sognare!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

It's looking great Carol.
Can I ask you a question? I'm curious, what made you decide this one was not good and had to be reworked? was it a problem with the painting itself like color composition etc? or was it that it didn't fit in with the rest of the show and why?

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Gabe! Thank you kindly for your post.

Teresa... I felt that the painting looked too "sweet" for the show. All the other works seem to have a bit of an edge or authenticity. I wanted to take the painting to a higher level. I don't know if it's done yet... but I am more happy now than before. There was a certain ordinariness to the piece. It was he only one out of 70 that I didn't like~! Onward!

Jane said...

Since we are all our own worst critics, I say HOORAY that you liked 69 out of 70! I love this one!

SKIZO said...