Carol Carter

19 October 2011

Still Waters- Watercolor from the Everglades Series

I have returned to this pond painting from the EVERGLADES SERIES to see if I can wrap up the last few details and complete it.

I have done a lot more to make it richer and with more depth. It's always a fine line between leaving simplicity -- or developing depth. It's also dangerous to add TOO much ... and lose the freshness of watercolor.

Right now.. I'm trying to strike that balance --- keeping it fresh -- but also having some more complexity.

I will probably leave it for now ...and consider whether it's finished or not.

Still Water
50" h x 35" w
in progress


Krista Hasson said...

It is stunning just the way it is.

fm said...

Really really wonderful! Is it for sale?

Carol Carter said...

thank you Krista... for telling me you like it the way it is. I may well stop here...and let it be! Never a good idea to over work watercolors.

Fausto...thank you for your compliment. Yes it is for sale. If you are interested -- please send me your email address...and I will give you specifics! Thank you SO much for your interest.