Carol Carter

23 October 2011

Happy Clients

I am always happy to share photos of my clients with their paintings. It is the favorite thing to do!

Here are three good clients with their watercolors. All look pretty happy-- and I couldn't be MORE happy for them!

I love my clients!

So, enjoy these photos...and buy LOCAL art this holiday season.

If we support each other-- we will get ourselves out of the grinding economic downturn.

Rock on !

Thank you my dear Jan, Elaine, and Nimi! I appreciate your support! I am thrilled to be in your collections!


Carol Blackburn said...

How wonderful, Carol. Love your new banner and I see the painting has a wonderful new home. :)

Susan Roux said...

Buy local. Couldn't be said any better. Congrats on your sales. Your clients looks very happy with their purchases.

Carol Carter said...

Yes Carol... the French landscape did find a new home! It's always nice to sell work. I love them going to new homes.

Thank you susan... buy LOCAL! I am committed on only buying local this season for the holiday. I hope my clients are happy.... I believe they are!

Barb Sailor said...

Carol...Like Carol B., I love your new banner - it just glows and it sold, too! How great!
Congratulations on your sales and very happy clients! How wonderful!

irinasztukowski said...

What a great idea. I probably should e-mail my customers to take pictures of their interior with my paintings that they got. I wonder how are my "babies" doing :)
Thank you,