Carol Carter

12 September 2012

Cups of Sunshine Print

This beautiful and LARGE print was made yesterday ... for a nursing facility in Chicago IL.

The print measures 30" h x 60" w and will be framed for presentation.

I am amazed at the detail, beauty, and color of the print!  It mirrors the painting exactly--- only twice as large!  or more~

Thank you Allied-- for doing such a great job.

And thank you Spellman Brady for the opportunity to be in your installation.

Cups of Sunshine
30" h x 60" w


Studio at the Farm said...

It looks fabulous, Carol - must be awesome at that size!

Carol Carter said...

The size is overwhelming!! It has great impact! So happy it is going somewhere special!

Sergio DS said...

Really amazing, great painting.

Carol Carter said...

Thanks Sergio, the print came out nicely!

Unknown said...

Fantastic works!congratulations:)

SARABEL said...