Carol Carter

23 September 2012

Bromeliads Watercolor

Bromeliads have always been a favorite of mine.  I've never felt safe in painting them ....  they seemed too complex.

But... I did see some beautiful ones at a garden in South Carolina.

I had to paint them.

This is a small maquette...  of ones that I'd like to do larger.  It didn't take long to get into the rhythm of the leaves.  The strips leave make for a strong design element.

An artist from St Louis-- Phyllis Plattner -- painted these in the 80's.  I fell in love with them.  I never thought there would be a way for me to compare to her beautiful paintings... but I did try!

12" h x 12" w

look for these in a larger scale soon.



Magnifica pintura. Saludos.

Catharina Engberg said...

Well...I only have one word for this peece...BEAUTYFUL!
I just Love it!

RH Carpenter said...

Carol, your colors in this one are so intense, lush, and sexy! Way to go!

Studio at the Farm said...

The bromeliad is GORGEOUS! I love the ebb and flow of those intense colors!! Really looking forward to seeing more.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Ina! lovely to hear from you.

Thank you Catharina!! So happy you like it!

Rhonda!! the colors are different..and the brand is different too... OLD HOLLAND!

thank you Studio.... I am currently painting some Chinese Lanterns... the botanical kind.

Watermarycolors said...

Amazing painting!!!