Carol Carter

23 January 2008

new figurative painting

here's the first of a series of figurative acrylics.... for a new show i'm having in the spring. i like this one.. because the hands project out and become a barrier and impediment to the rest of the painting. the tire tracks are symbolic on a number of levels. i'm considering a number of titles for this piece, but if you have a suggestion-- please leave it here.
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Melanie said...

i am so glad you are blogging!
i love this painting... the contrasts are incredible...
i stink at titles - but will definitely give it some thought :)

Anonymous said...

Title: "No More"

Carol Carter said...

how bout:



This kicks ass....damn you!

Bruce said...

hey sparky, stopped by to see your stuff, love the latest work, especially the swimmer. hope you post more of those. as for the title to this painting ... how about "can't run me down".

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Love your blog!!
How about "Don't Tread On Me" for this great composition.
I also love the "fractured" self portrait.
Ann Bedingham

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!!! Title... How about "You Can't Run Me Over." Just a thought.