Carol Carter

10 February 2008

righteous watercolor

this is why i love watercolor! it's big, and bold.. and righteous!
these two swimmers are part of a series --- of four. i will be painting the next two this week.

the left panel: DEALING WITH LOSS
the right panel: RINSE AND REPEAT

each painting relates to the other in palette and composition. the cobalt turquoise and burnt sienna create most of the shadow -- which define the figure.
each painting measures 41 x 29.

any thoughts on titles?
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About said...

Oh how I love your watercolor swimmers...they always stike a chord...and the colors you use...
Well, you just blow me away. Waiting expectantly for the next in the series......

Adam Cope said...

absolutely excellent!

re-words & titles- yeah whatever, but why 'righteous'? is that some southern expression (that we don't understand in europe)?

i'd say sexy, yes beautiful,

paint on carol

RH Carpenter said...

I like the titles, esp. Rinse and Repeat. If it pertains to lifes changes, then it's perfect - just rinse and repeat!! Great :) You are a true colorist - a fabulist - a righteous painter :) Am sooo looking forward to taking a workshop with you in August of this year!!!
--- Rhonda

Anonymous said...

WOW! So wow!

Melanie said...

THIS is why i LOVE YOUR watercolors!
i cant wait to see more in this series.

'righteous' doesnt even touch it!

rock on carol