Carol Carter

13 February 2009

Art Center of South Florida- Miami Florida

This art co-op on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach was outstanding. It's a grouping of art studios available for inexpensive rent on the most fashionable of streets.
It's a wonderful place for artists to network and gain traction in their work, careers, and vision. There's an exhibition space for rent.. and even an "in house" art supply store! How cool is that??

A jewelry lab, a photo studio, sculpture... and classes. It was so wonderful to see.

I would love to jury into this to gain an introduction to the art community here.

I went to see the other art co-op -- the BAKEHOUSE in the Wynwood District of Miami. This co-op is even larger -- with 70 artists studios, two exhibition spaces, outdoor foundry, off street parking.. and much more

What a terrific way for artists to work side by side-- network and gain traction in a community professionally.

I was most impressed with the quality of work and the surrounding facilities of both.

This may be a good way to integrate into the area professionally!

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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for all these peeps into studio/art cooperatives. Seems everyone out there is doing contemporary abstract designs - probably very textured. As for Tom Seghi's fruit, very striking but repetitive. It would drive me mad.