Carol Carter

22 February 2009

State of the Arts Gallery: Sarasota FLORIDA

These two huge swimmers are packed and ready to ship to STATE OF THE ARTS GALLERY in Sarasota, FLORIDA.

They are testing the waters of the art market there [so to speak...] ....

and I can't wait to hear of the response.

If you are anywhere near the area... and want to see large scale watercolor up close.. please check out this gallery!

State of the Arts Gallery
1525 State Street
Sarasota, FL 34236

One to Leave
40" h x 60" w

Memory Lane
29" h x 40" w
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RH Carpenter said...

I love all your work, Carol, but your swimmers are just so stunning - it doesn't matter how many times I see one, it still takes my breath away that someone can paint this way! Good luck in the gallery :)

Trevor Lingard said...

This is wonderful work Carol.
Very sensual from an artistic view.
I`m sure you will get a good response from the gallery.
Kind Regards

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Good luck in Sarasota. Your work deserves this widespread publicity. An oustandingly unique series. They are sure to create a stir in the Florida artworld.