Carol Carter

11 November 2008

Seeing Through Surface Tensions- acrylic painting

This smaller acrylic is incorporating a few new techniques-- mostly a softness and matte finish to the face. Also, harder, more graphic approach to other areas. This adds drama and an abstract quality. I'm also trying out Cobalt Teal -- Golden Acrylic paint in the water.

It's not quite done... but I wanted to get something on the blog before i take my trip to Tampa/Naples FL tomorrow. I like finishing a painting up to a point... and then letting it "sit" for a while. It gives it a chance to breathe... and allows me a chance to get perspective on how to finish.

I will be returning to the studio in a couple of weeks. I am flying south to check out a few places for art marketing and inspiration. When I return-- I'll be driving an exhibition to Annapolis MD for a show in December. will be the venue! All are welcome to come. The opening is December 5, 2008 6 - 10 pm. I will be there... and look forward to seeing you.

Please come!

Surface Tension
16" H x 20" W
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