Carol Carter

24 November 2008

The Saga Continues!.... acrylic

so... after returning home.... i had the chance to sneak back in the studio for the afternoon.

there was something refreshing about being back to work... with a new perspective. i had absolutely no hesitation about jumping in and mixing things up.

i took a former painting -- and reworked the background. the painting changed course dramatically.... and now it's time to address the foreground. tomorrow.. i'll have additional hours to bring the foreground out with layers of glaze.

i like days like these... where being frivolous and decisive make good artistic progress.

an artist must always remember to 'allow the process to be the teacher'... and not get too precious with the results.

Still Holding On
40" H x 50" W
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joel said...

hi carol! i found you via Nick Simmons.

your stuff is so different - i really like what you do with colors. without them i think we are nothing. nice work. i hope we can communicate and exchange ideas!

-- Joel.

Carol Carter said...

hi joel.... yes... color is the key! thanks for keeping abreast of my blog. i'll do the same.! we can communicate and share ideas/techniques. how is art in australia? market good? ~carol

RH Carpenter said...

I like this much more than the original and can't wait to see what your inner artist tells you to do next, Carol. And have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Carol Carter said...

hey rhonda...

well the painting has already morphed to something else... i will get it up on blog shortly. there's no question -- that they're done till they're done!
my inner artist tells me to keep workin' on it.
happy thanksgiving to you!