Carol Carter

16 November 2008

Clear As Day- Acrylic

I'm currently in FL-- seeing relatives as well as the Naples art scene. There is no lack of economy here.. and the area seems to be thriving. I talked with galleries -- and they all report good sales and robust inventory. I think the West Coast of Florida is buffering the economic slow down. I was also struck by the amount of foreign travelers in downtown Naples. This will bolster tourism. The galleries were wrapping and shipping many paintings...yay!

I'm not sure that I would want to stay year-round in Naples-- but I would definitely consider an extended stay during winter months. The real estate looks pricey -- so you would have to stay "near by". But I didn't seen any cutting-edge art--- so there's definitely room for new artists and new ideas!

Corkscrew Sanctuary was a highlight of my trip-- and I garnered many images that will work themselves into new paintings. What a beautiful place! There were so many birds, gators, insects, and reptiles. It was the original Florida... which is fading so fast.

I can't wait to get to the Everglades next winter~

Tower Grove Lily
48" H x 24" W
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Sandy Maudlin said...

Ohhh. You are soo happy. I can tell this far away. Glad you're finding some very positive things in the art scene. Sounds wonderfully encouraging. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


You may be happy to know Naples real estate is lower than it's been in years. You can pick up some exceptional properties at unbelievable prices right now. Before you hit the outskirts you might check around right under your nose. I'll bet you'll be pleasantly surprised! I hope you enjoy your visit!

Susan Liles said...

Love the painting! Love Florida and the beaches, I was in Sandestin, south of Fort Walton Beach last Dec. and can so much of the Florida influence in your paintings.

carol said...

Love the painting - a touch of Monet there - no? Hope you sell lots of paintings in good ole FLA. Lived in West Palm Beach many years ago but could not take the climate now. Lovely new photo of you.