Carol Carter

12 November 2008

Napa Valley watercolor

A view of 80% completed watercolor of some leaves and grapes during Crush time in Napa Valley last October. It was a golden time --- sunlight and leaves were warm and yellow. I worked on this watercolor for a few days -- but wasn't able to finish it. As soon as I get back from my trip - I will resolve some final areas.

I like the kaleidoscope of color, pattern, and abstraction. Here's to watercolor!

Sara's Napa Valley Front
30" H x 22" W
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carol said...

Wow, wish I could do that


joel said...

yeah. nice one Carol. i live in wine country. our harvest here is March-May. our soil and climate is analogous to Burgundy - so we make great pinots.

i keep meaning to try and capture that time of year in a painting.

you have inspired me to try early next year!!!

-- Joel.

Mike said...

Wow! This painting absolutely ROCKS! Beautiful stuff, Carol!

Leslie Rubio said...

Wowzers! Your watercolor is fantastic! The colors are amazing! All of your work is very vibrant and really nice!
I just recently started using watercolors and have a lot to learn, but I am having fun with them.

Thanks for sharing. I love your work!


RH Carpenter said...

I love enlarging these and really letting the colors move me around the painting in abstract and then I see how wonderful you work with your complementaries to get that glow and light. Beautiful!