Carol Carter

28 November 2008

more musings- acrylic

well... as you can see.. there are subtle shifts being made... i worked again ... on the right side of the background. it's french ultramarine...instead of purple.
however.. i must admit.. it'stime to quit.. and go to next painting.

i'm fatigued... and looping around the same path of how to solve things.

artists need to abandon projects.. when they see that they are not making good decisions... and let go.

after a time.. to return to a painting with fresh eyes.... will bring the right brain process into play -- and resolve awkward passages with more dominions.

anyway, that's how it goes with this one.

i'm starting a swamp painting from Naples today.... and with the switch in imagery and subject-- will have more energy.

i like parts of this painting.. but feel it's lacking something. i will give it time to 'rest'.. and then come revisit again.

Still Hanging On
40" H x 50" W
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RH Carpenter said...

Carol, I think you got tired of the background so taking a break is a good thing :) I like the varied shapes and colors in the water around the women and maybe you can carrying that on out to the dark blue color later. Looking forward to the swamp! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Carol Carter said...

yes.. i believe i got tired of the painting altogether. it's time to switch gears.. try something else.

how are you? painting? holidays?

looking forward to checking out your blog ....

happy day.