Carol Carter

26 January 2009

Self Portrait

this self portrait i did a couple of years ago. it's currently being exhibited at DRAGONFIRE GALLERY in Cannon Beach OR. i found it recently on my computer -- and thought i'd share it here. i like it -- because the gaze is a bit distant and wondering. you sense a bit of vulnerability in her expression--

self portrait
40" h x 20"w

available for purchase
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Adam Cope said...

Beautiful blue blue eyes.

love the red! What pigment is it?

very highly charged piece... curious the throat, the spludge hiding the breasts.

water on Carol:-)

Carol Carter said...

hey adam.!!! thanks for the thumbs up. the red is WN Winsor Red and Permanent Alizarin Crimson.

it was fun to paint. i miss having it in my studio.

paint on too! carol

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love the colours and floating washes.

Leslie Rubio said...

So very nice Carol. I just love your watercolors and your technique is facinating!



John Salmon said...

I urge everyone to click the image and see the enlarged version. The violet in those eyes is great. Very nice painting Carol.

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful, Carol. The complementary colors make it sing and those violet eyes are gorgeous!

Carol Carter said...

hi joan.. thank you! i like the colors in the face too. worked hard to make it soft. ha!

thank you leslie.. so much for your compliment. wonderful to hear, as always.. from you.

hi john, i think the violet is the right color for the lashes... brings warmth to the area.. no?

hey rhonda... thanks so much. you are always so right on! the eyes carry the portrait... i like their gaze.... happy painting to everyone! off to shovel snow.