Carol Carter

04 January 2009

Finishing Touches

I spent yesterday putting finishing touches on these 4 watercolors- 2 large, 2 small.
I frequently do this -- wait till a 'free' day in the studio to finalize work.
The space in time allows me to focus with perspective and critical eye.

When I work a painting -- I develop an 'emotional attachment" during the painting process. This is sometimes hard to conquer. So, I've learned to never finish things all at once, but allow for some time to pass before final resolution.

This has served me well -- over time... giving the paintings the necessary punch they need in the end.

Make sense?

There are always "unfinished" works in the studio -- waiting to be resolved. This always gives me work on any given day.

Corkscrew Swamp
25" h x 60" w

Napa Valley Leaf
30" h x 22" w

Untitled 1
14" h x 11" w

Untitled 2
14" h x 11" w
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Sandy Maudlin said...

YUM! Really LOVE how you completed Corkscrew Swamp. Beautiful, as are all the othersd too. Happy New year!

RH Carpenter said...

I always love your figures but, in this case, Napa Valley gets my number one ranking - the explosion of color is thrilling. And then Corkscrew Swamp. Beautifully done and awe-inspiring when you look at the SIZE of it. Every painting has your gorgeous color palette. What a great start to 2009.

Angela said...

Makes perfect sense - I do the exact same thing.

These turned out fantastic!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Getting all mixed up with my Carol's on my favourites listing but judging from the work I have been looking at over the last 10 mins, I dont think I have visited you before. What stunning colours both watercolour and acrylic. I have just skipped through your botanical posts and adore them. Another Carol added to the list to visit regularly. I wasnt sure I should confess I let works hang around for ages before deciding on their final needs .. now I can ... even though you hear over and over again 'knowing when a painting is complete is the hardest thing to learn'.

Carol Carter said...


thanks for your compliment... i'm glad you like them. it's always wonderful to hear from you!
HNY to you 2. carol


I agree... i think i like NAPA the best too. it has an unpredictable punch... that was unintended. it just feels full of life.. no?
thank you SO much for coming to my blog and cheering me on. you are the best! HNY~ carol

yes.. isn't it great to FINALLY learn to slow down and not rush paintings??? took me years to learn to be patient. thank you for the comment.. and i look forward to seeing more of you!
HNY-- carol

hi joan,

welcome to the blog! great to have you add me to your list of 'carols'!
yes.. it's hugely important to let paintings hang around and ferment. i'm never in a hurry to get them out the door. i use them as teaching tools... and an occasional gauge on how my current work should go. when i feel compelled.. i will 'finish' a work... only if i feel sufficently subtacted from it -- to make an objective final decision.
isn't it great to finally learn to be patient?
best to you.. and hopefully see you again... HNY! carol