Carol Carter

30 January 2009

Inside/Outside Acrylic

Just in time! Here's one of the last stages of this acrylic --- what a challenge... and learning experience.

there are many passages I really like about it...and.. I hope.. over time... it will settle in to my psyche.

40" h x 50" w
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hey Carol - this is wonderful. The light, the composition, the colours - all stunning. Where did you get the idea?? ... and you say its not finished yet but I love it as it is.

Carol Carter said...

hey joan,
thanks for the encouragement. i'm not sure where the idea came from... but i'm always working on the theme of the struggle or compatibility of people. i think it's finished for now. i have no plans to revisit it... and will frame it soon. thanks again.... hope you are painting! carol