Carol Carter

17 January 2009

Swamp Acrylic -- stages of development

Here's a small sample of the development of the Swamp painting. I've worked many days on it... but have captured several of the stages here.

Each stage has layers and textures of color and varnish.

Have a look.. and post questions -- i'll be happy to answer specific concerns!

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carol said...

Interesting to watch the development and love the warm colors. How do you decide what to change? Is it on treated board? Is the board gessoes? Is the paint used in very thin glazes? I want to use acrylic like watercolor but only use watercolor paper at present. Are you using varnished between layers?

Carol Carter said...

hi carol, i decide what to change by intuition.. and what seems to make things look richer or more filled in. every day brings new insight and perception about what i'm trying to convey.
this painting is on prepared paper. i treated the paper with Liquitex Gloss medium. I also use Liquitex Glazing medium as a varnish between each layer of paint. try it! it tends to keep the paintings more vibrant!

let me see what you're doing...