Carol Carter

13 January 2009

new swamp watercolor

here's about two day's worth of painting.... i LOVE the swamp! especially in the winter... when it's REAL cold outside my studio. i imagine all the warmth and humidity.. and pungent smells of heat and moisture.

so.. here's to the swamp!

on a side note... i found an old tube of WINSOR NEWTON Indigo [before 2000] and tried it in the background water. it is exactly the right binder that i'm looking for! now.. i have to find a suitable brand to replace W/N.

i wish i could document and visualize the nuances and changes that are frustrating me -- and convince W/N technicians to return to their old formulation!

anyway, here's to watercolor!

15" h x 60" w
2009 unfinished
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RH Carpenter said...

Loving the delicious, dark passages throughout this one.

John Salmon said...

W and N Indigo eh! I had real trouble with their Raw Sienna. It was so frothy I could have washed my hair in it (if I had any). I agree I wish their technicians and chemists would stop fiddling with the tried and tested recipes.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found you through Myrna Wacknov's blog. I enjoy your luscious watercolor!

Sandy Maudlin said...

This is realy realy looking great. Love the yummy changes in value and the textures.

Carol Carter said...


yes.. the indigo is working like it's supposed to! i wish W/N didn't change their formulation.
happy day to you!


Do you think you would write to them [WN] and complain? i have already-- but they don't agree with me. ;-(( i'm thinking that maybe if enough watercolorists say something -- they'll consider changing their course.!
let me know -- and i'll email you names/addresses in London. best happy day~~

so glad you found the blog! I'm guessing you're a watercolorist? i will look for your work later today. Thank you for liking my work! warms me. Come back again! happy day.

Hey Sandy~
thanks for the comment. yes, i agree, the rich values and textures are what W/N is capable of doing -- but its what they don't do anymore! gotta find new pigments [still].... how are you? things? teaching? art? life? grandkids?? are you staying WARM??? happy day to you as well.

everyone!! thanks for writing!