Carol Carter

28 April 2009

watercolor start

i began a new watercolor today.... rainy wet day and perfect for adding large washes.

it was of the swamp in Florida. .... swamp series painting. i didn't get a lot done.. because it took too long for the washes to dry.
but.. tomorrow will have more progress.

i also began and almost finished a double portrait -- which i will also add tomorrow.

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RH Carpenter said...

Busy girl! I always know Carol is painting when it's raining in St. Louis :) Hey, it's good to know there are some constants in life like that :) Looking forward to the painting coming along...

Anonymous said...

would be nice if carol would consider another workshop in st louis....any chance of that in 2009?

Carol Carter said...

hi rhonda!!'s supposed to rain the rest of the week. i'm paintin' a wc that i need to finish for a show next week. not too excuted about it now... but.. tomorrow will bring different results!
how are you?

you would like a workshop? send me your email.. i may be teaching one in the fall.... i will let you know when it gets solidified.
happy day!

Unknown said...

Hi Carol,

I love to watch your progress on a painting - thanks for posting this one! I am so happy for you that you are getting rain! We have had snow every day the last 2 weeks - it may be just a light amount, but along with the cold, it is depressing!!! Next 3 days are supposed to be sunny and warmer - yeah!!!!

Adam Cope said...


what an impeccably clean john pike palette!

Thanks for this WIP ; I've been wanting to ask you weither or not you use gum arabic or rubber resist to 'bank' up & protect the edges of your white areas whilst working on the other side of the line? Or is it purely by wet on side & dry the other?

Curious as this side-by-side isn't a technique I use en plein-air (whhere it's mostly quick & chaotic).

Carol Carter said...

hi adam,

i do not use a resist on the white lines of my watercolor. i find them difficult to remove.. as well as they slight damage the paper surface!

so.. all my whites are "painted around" with wet areas juxtaposed next to dry. it's a way i've been working for years. it's easier to do in the studio than outdoors for sure. my watercolors are painted flat.

the reason the palette is white.. is that it's brand new! notice the old palette next to it -- very dirty ... that palette is over 35 years old.. my first, last, and only one!

cheers..... carol

Carol Carter said...

hi joanne... we have 2 more days of rain.. and i will try to finish this painting. i forgot to photo it yesterday... so there will be a jump in images.

you are still having SNOW??? whoa........... too bad.

i am quite ready for spring.


Adam Cope said...

thanks for the info Carol

Studio wc's aren't something I know a lot about.

Thought as much, wet one side , dry the other. The ol' meniscus doing the work ... you paint it beautifully, the art being in forseeing how it will all fit together in the end. Bravo!