Carol Carter

03 April 2009


This is me painting the large commission for "HOW SWEET THE SOUND".

The watercolor is 4' x 3' and quite fun to paint. I'm doing a progession - step-by-step process.. and will post it here when the painting is completed. Which will be monday.
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RH Carpenter said...

Carol, girl, that hurts my back just thinking about being bent over like that on my knees for hours!!! But I know this will be amazing :) Check your title - I think it's HOW sweet not HO Sweet (that would be a totally different painting!)

Carol Carter said...

oh rhonda.. thanks for pointing out the typo! yikes!
yes... i totally agree with you.. i'm almost at the end of my days of painting on my hands and knees.. i can BARELY get up now!

will have to contruct a different table... or something.. to help me paint.

painting should be done by monday. i got a 2 day extension.


oh.. kinda like the 'totally different' painting idea too!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Good to see you hard at work! Can't wait to see the finished art. Love the idea and subject matter and know you will add to it with your unique voice. It'll be yummy!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Ah! That looks like so much fun being able to paint that large on the floor like that *green with envy*

Carol Carter said...

hey sandy! did you have fun at the workshop? was it informative? i love your painting you were doing there. YOU should be teaching the workshop!
this big commission is fun. will finish it today.. and mail it tomorrow. not much time to complete a project ... but i'm game. happy day.

hey "lost"
my days of painting on the floor are coming to a close. it's harder and harder on my physique. but.. for 30 years -- it has been my MO. happy painting to you. thanks for visiting the blog.