Carol Carter

20 April 2009

Jacob with the Portrait- watercolor

when i was in Tucson -- i met with the Coles who commissioned this portrait of their sons. this is Jacob-- with the portrait. what a cutie!

Conner and Jacob
15" h x 22" w
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Unknown said...

You captured him perfectly in the portrait... I love his smile!

Carol Carter said...

thanks joanne! i did capture a likeness... and being in AZ for the first time meeting him was quite a thrill! i painting the portrait from a photo........

he's a great kid~

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Carol
You have the gift.
So cleverly painted.
A painting that I am sure will be cherished.

Carol Carter said...

thank you trevor... for all your support..!! it means so much to me when you read and write on the blog. i hope your painting is going well...! paint on!