Carol Carter

28 August 2008

Landscape with Cow

Well.. i've gotten a 'cow thang' going on in the studio this week. i think it's because i'm about to install some of these cow paintings in a coffee shop on friday. i've been reworking several older paintings in preparation for this.

the tall vertical landscape -- has become much richer and fuller with yesterday's work. i have some subtle transitions to place in today... to the treeline and horizon line- but i wanted you to see it in it's unresolved state. later today.. i'll post the final version.

40" H x 12 " W
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RH Carpenter said...

Carol, there is always something appealing about cows. Don't know why but I've enjoyed painting them and seeing paintings of them whenever they show up in a gallery or show. I think this one is extremely handsome :) Hope the show goes splendidly (you sure put yourself under pressure painting this week for a hanging on Friday!

Carol Carter said...

thanks rhonda...i love painting cows too. this is the first opportunity i've had to show a whole bunch of them [pun?]... so we'll see how it goes. i'm looking forward to the response. i've have the two landscapes of door county, WI to hang in the other coffee shop. now.. i need to switch gears and paint watercolor. working on evan's 22 year portrait. stay tuned.!

Unknown said...

love it!