Carol Carter

02 September 2008

Evan's 22 Year Portrait- part deux

here are the final few stages-- there are many more -- but i condensed it down to these 9 digitals.



Sandy Maudlin said...

WOnderful. Thanks so much for the step by steps. I know from watching you paint that it's SO much more challenging than you make it look! He's such a good looking young man, too.

Carol Carter said...

i miss you sandy!!!

Unknown said...

yep!...that`s Milos!!
You have captured the glow of happiness and joy of living in him!!

The Last Day said...

I have followed your Growth Portait series for awhile now... This is FANTASTIC!!! I appreciate seeing the progression of this painting in a brief tutorial format. I would love to see more of your work displayed this way. This painting is definitely one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing.

carol said...

Gorgeous painting - gorgeous young man. Oh to be 22 again!


Susan Liles said...

Fabulous portrait of your "golden"
child. Your technique is so much
different than mine. My daughter
also says your painting is fabulous and your son is "hot".

Carol Carter said...

hi everyone.. and THANKS for your comments. i love the fact that you are enthused... evan will also like reading them too. [he's already checked the blog.. and added the portrait to his FACEBOOK profile]
i will try to do more tutorials on the future!
happy painting!


Adam Cope said...

carol - i really admire & like your series of portraits s of your son.

they accumulate into something powerful & moving


paint on

adam (another artist-parent who likes looking at pictures of his own son & daughter unfolding over time)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
I have ben a huge fan for years. you are one of my favorite living watercolor artists. The other two are nancy collins and birgit o'conner. I have always wanted to take a workshop from you, tried some years for a santa cruz wrkshp that fell through in Nor Cal. Anyway I am so stoked you did this tutorial Thank you so much!!! I can't wait to translate. I am a photographer and watercolor artist. THANK YOU!!!

Carol Carter said...

hi adam... thank you for your compliment... isn't the passage of time marvelous on the faces of our kids? amazing.

please visit again.. i always enjoy hearing from you.


Ann said...

Hello from Texas. The tutorials are awesome! Keep hoping you will come to Texas again. I will make you more cookies!

Carol Carter said...

hi ann! i will definitely post more tutorials...

would love to come back to TX and have some of your cookies!

hope you are painting well.

best! carol

Melanie said...

wow. wow. and more WOW!
it's absolutely fascinating, brilliant and beautiful!!!

Carol Carter said...

thank melanie.!! love to read your enthusiasum..........

happy painting back!