Carol Carter

05 September 2008

~~Mosaic Swim~~

I was interested in trying out a new paper.... the Twinrockers brand... with handmade surface and edges. it's a gorgeous, receptive paper....which allows the paint to swirl and settle into the graininess of paper. i used a more organic pigment... Cereulean, Maganese, Veridite Blue, Opera, Transparent Burnt Orange... which held up magnificently.

i like the paper.. and i will use it again.

Mosaic Swim
watercolor on Twinrockers 300 lb cp
20" H x 20" W
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RH Carpenter said...

Delicious painting, Carol. I like the Twinrocker, too. You've made it work well for you with all the flowing colors - great palette, as usual.

missysue said...

Found you through the blog!

Carol Carter said...

thank you BOTH -- rhonda and lorelai for the comments. i appreciate your interaction with my blog -- please keep coming back-- fellow artists! yeah!