Carol Carter

02 September 2008

Evan's Twenty Two Year Portrait!

Okay guys... here it IS-- a small tutorial on how i paint a portrait.

as many of you know.. i am painting a portrait a year... of my son. this is his 22nd portrait!
i feel privileged and honored to capture him as he marches from childhood to adulthood. it's been a wonder and joy to watch his personality emerge -- and his maturity evolve.
i hope you enjoy viewing them -- as much as i have painting them.
if you'd like to see the OTHER portraits--- please go to my web site: and look under GROWTH PORTRAITS.

Evan at 22
watercolor on Arches 300 lb cp
40" H x 30" w

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RH Carpenter said...

Handsome young man and gorgeous portrait. What an outstanding thing you're doing, Carol, documenting your child each year!! It's interesting to me that you don't start with the eyes (like many portrait painters do) but get right to the skin tones and shaping the face.

Carol Carter said...

thanks rhonda... i always paint from background to we discussed in the workshop.

he has been so much fun to paint... i hope to keep painting him... as long as he's willing.
how are you?