Carol Carter

14 September 2008

Pescados from Ecuador Watercolor

These last few stages are pretty self evident.... The development of the piece takes place-- pretty much from fish to fish. i leave the final fish for the last-- the lightest in value and the center of interest.

the total painting has a brief feel to it... which i enjoy. there are many many statements of mine that are overworked -- and i'm trying my best to keep things fresh and abbreviated now.
enjoy !

Pescados from Ecuador
watercolor on Arches 300 lb cp
22" H x 30" W
email for purchase

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Cathy Gatland said...

Wow, fabulous fish, and so great to see the progression - thanks for the tutorial! That mosaic swimmer is just amazing too. Do you draw out all those shapes carefully before you start painting? I see some light pencil lines on the fish - it must get really confusing on a complex subject!

Carol Carter said...

yes.. there is always a simple pencil sketch underneath all paintings. this gives me the foundation and structure to begin my work. how do you work?
thank you for your compliment!

Melanie said...

HOLY SMOKES!!!! Who knew fish could be so GORGEOUS! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Carol, is there a reason that you are moving away from Winsor Newton? Just making a change? Quality? Value? Cost? or even NDAJ: none of your darned business, Judy!

You are very talented and imaginative. Love your work!

Judy S