Carol Carter

11 September 2008

Figurative swimmer.........

this painting needed to be tweaked..... i started it over a year ago.. as part of the "Bad Girl" series of work. but.. after reinspecting it from the flat files... i decided it needed some fine tuning! in particular -- i added another Prussian Blue wash to the background-- and got ride many of the 'saved whites' in and around the figure.

with the current status of light in my studio-- i sometimes leave too many whites... which then flatten the painting.

i like the feel and mood of the figure. i also like the overhead perspective... and acidic palette fits the woman's attitude.

What Did You Say?
watercolor on Arches 300 lb cp
22" H x 30 " W

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Susan Liles said...

Love the perspective on this figurative painting and the great blue blooms in the water. Looks great!

RH Carpenter said...

Beautifully done and love the blooms in the water, too. She is sooo tart green, it's great. I would like to see a touch of green in the water here and there, though. Just a thought - who am I to tell you what to do??

Carol Carter said...

yes.. i should add some green! you're right!

you are very keen in making that suggestion.. thank you!

hope your painting is going well..