Carol Carter

14 September 2008

Pescados from Ecuador Watercolor- Part 1

Allrighty.. another tutorial!

i'm trying my best.. to reach out and make changes in my watercolor method... so.. this painting is done with ALL DANIEL SMITH watercolor!
yep... i need/want/have to try to integrate away from WINSOR NEWTON.
so i threw myself into this painting... with a new palette and plenty of new pigment. most of the color recommendations came from Sandy Maudin's workshop class. each student told me their favorite pigment -- and i threw in a few more -- to make my palette complete.
i decided to mix things up even further -- by trying new subject matter -- fish.'s the first installment of the development of the painting---
colors used are:
Prussian Blue
Quinacradone Burnt Orange
Rich Green Gold
French Ultramarine

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carol said...

Thank you so much for showing us how you work - have been trying to figure it out for a couple of years. Why not W&N any more? The painting is looking great as usual.

Carol Carter said...

W&N has changed the binder in their paint-- and it doesn't 'behave' as before. i have had much trouble with recreating my passages of blooms and lifting. i'm frustrated. i brought it to their attention -- but they discount my observation. so.. i've had to [relucantly] find new paint! any suggestions of brands? let me know what you think of W&N.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
I have been visiting your blog for sometime. I absolutely love your painting technique. I am a beginning watercolorist and your tutorials will be a great help for me. Thanks for the info on W&N (from the comment above); I have been planning to buy an entire set of W&N colors next month!

Carol Carter said...

hi molly, i checked out your blog.. and love your new work. keep painting!!
i will be adding more tutorials as time permits.
W&N is not what it used to be... i hesitate to tell you to purchase them. i would try other brands -- like DANIEL SMITH... before.
let me know how your work goes from time to time!

carol said...

Carol, Have you tried Maimeri Blu and Schminke? Not sure how they compare with Daniel Smith.

Carol Carter said...

i've tried a few schminke and Maimeri colors... but not too many. i'll try a few today.. and let you know what i think. is a good website to analyze pigments and their attributes. if you haven't been there.. you should check it out! he highly recommends DS -- and that's why i chose that brand.

RH Carpenter said...

Looks to me like the switch to Daniel Smith paints is working for you, Carol. The colors are luscious and lovely and yummy!

Melanie said...

I love Daniel Smith paint - it's pretty much all i use too..
The only color that i have been sorely disappointed with is burnt sienna, which i dont use much anyway - but it's thick and pasty and not worth the dollars :)
The only thing i dislike about DS is that i can't go to the store and pick them up, they have to be ordered...
Thank you soooo much for the tutorial. You are truly a master!

Carol Carter said...

hi melanie and rhonda! nice to hear your assetments of DS pigments. i'm still evaluating them.. and not sure how i'll proceed. but in the meantime -- i have cross section of colors to work with!

happy painting!