Carol Carter

24 May 2008

Tangle of Tulips

here's a new diptych-- watercolor on some unknown surface of arches paper. it was way absorbent.. so.. not CP and not HP.... actually.. i think it was a faulty sheet of paper! but.. i like the softer paint application and gentle transitions. i'll have to go to Kinsella paper.. and find out what surface it is.

the piece should really be displayed with about a 4 " separation between the two.. but.. you get the idea .

the blossoms make a wonderful jumpy composition throughout both paintings.

i like this piece. additionally.. i am also experimenting with Old Holland watercolor pigments.. and so far.. i like what they are.

watercolor- Arches 300 lb.
22 x 15 each panel
22 x 30 overall
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